Wellness in the workplace generally refers to how well; happy, productive and efficient staff members are. Wellness requires the minimisation of stress to be present. A workplace that is well is one that is productive, positive, healthy and harmonious.

When staff members are well in the workplace they look and feel their best and ultimately perform their work optimally. Mental & Emotional Stress as well as poor diet impedes wellness in life and in the workplace.

Stress is a physical and emotional response we experience when the demands of work and life begin to overwhelm. The body stores and accumulates stress at a cellular level which, at first, manifests symptomatically. When left unchecked, stress then compounds manifesting as disease and chronic ill health, such as heart conditions, cancer and depression. Stress causes: Headaches, irritability, muscular tension, excessive tiredness, trouble sleeping, tension/strain in the body palpitations, stomach upsets, constipation and difficulty breathing. When stress gets out of control, effectiveness in the workplace is dramatically reduced and workplace and client relations suffer human error increases, projects take longer and cost more money.

Companies that become both aware and concerned with staff wellness will reduce staff turnover and improve the productivity of their business.

Goldman Garnier & Associates value workplace wellness strategies:

  • to assist in reducing stress in the workplace
  • to assist in staff retention
  • to assist in reducing staff absenteeism
  • to assist in a more effective staff placement

The workplace wellness strategies that we recommend include:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • dieting consultation and naturopathy
  • exercise and fitness training

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